A look inside the first ever Canned Club box

Canned Club November subscription box featuring Sipful, Whisp, Ace + Freak, Nice, Canned Wine Co, Cantails, Long Shot, Punchy and Indie Bay Snacks


Our November 2020 Canned Club box is filled with a collection of delights, which will take our lucky members through a voyage of canned drink discovery.

Here we introduce you to the cans and brands we selected to feature in our first ever box.

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Canned Wine Co Gruner Canned Wine

Canned Wine Co - Gruner

These guys have been winning awards left right and centre for their canned wines. The most recent was a silver in a blind taste test. We love that they partner with smaller independent wineries, each wine is a limited run - too good to bottle.


 Sipful classic mimosa canned cocktail

Sipful Drinks - Classic Mimosa

Sunshine in a can and we could all do with a bit of that right now. Delicious canned cocktail made using organic sparkling wine and 100% real fruit juice. We love drinking ours with weekend brunch.


Punchy rum, peach, ginger and chai

Punchy - Rum, Peach, Ginger & Chai

The guys at Punchy named this drink holiday romance, so sit back relax and dream of sunnier days. Featuring award winning Duppy Share rum along with flavours which deliver their signature punchy kick.


Long Shot strawberry and rhubarb alcoholic sparkling water - hard seltzer

Long Shot - Strawberry & Rhubarb Hard Seltzer

A hard seltzer made using all-natural ingredients, our chosen can is flavoured with two of the UKs finest fruits, strawberry and rhubarb. Low calorie, low sugar, low carb, gluten free – it’s ticking all the boxes.

  Nice Malbec Canned wine

Nice - Malbec

Wine so good they put a ring on it. This Argentinian Malbec is smooth, juicy and full of dark fruit flavours. We’re sipping on ours with the Sunday roast.

  Ace + Freak watermelon and cucumber sangria canned cocktail

Ace + Freak - Watermelon & Cucumber Sangria

Watermelon is the star of the show in this canned drink and if it’s good enough for a queen and a certain ex boy band member, it’s good enough for us. Each recipe is designed by an award-winning bartender and made using sustainably sourced ingredients.


Whisp Hard Seltzer raspberry and elderflower alcoholic sparkling water

Whisp - Raspberry & Elderflower Hard Seltzer

The newest can on the block in our November box. A lighter choice, when it comes to calories and alcohol. Perfect for when you want to relax with a drink at night, but still be up for a run in the morning.


Cantails mojito canned cocktail

Cantails - Mojito

A canned cocktail which matches the quality and taste of one whipped up by a mixologist, these guys have nailed it. Mojitos on your sofa with no mess and no fuss – winning.

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